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The Relatable Lorde of Glamour

A multimedia essay on Lorde's celebrity persona and how it exposes a cultural contradiction of rejecting and accepting popular culture.

Published on literary magazine Adsum - Vol. 7, July 24, 2017

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Theorizing the Construction Pleasure

Film Theory video project analyzing the construction of a visual pleasure related to touch and temporality: the memory-pleasure.


How Far Will Your Gaze Go?

Image/Photoshop project about multimedia communication in the style of artist Barbara Kruger analyzing the male gaze, its evolution, and asking if it will ever affect male figures in the same way that it has drastically affected women.

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Authenticity, Influence and Femininity on YouTube

Remix Video

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UN Sustainable Development Goals - #5 Gender Equality Video Presentation

Video presentation about Gender Equality, the 5th UN Sustainable Development Goal, done for the United States National Committee for U.N. Women - Los Angeles Chapter.


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